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The Factory Fastpitch Club

10531 4S Commons Drive #516

San Diego, CA 92127

Phone: 858-449-3438


The Factory Fastpitch Club

Coaching Assignments


EC Bullets CA Teams

18U Gold – A.J. Robinson 858-449-3438 / John Kubski

16U Gold - Daniel Aguirre 619-818-2434

16U Futures - Keith Carden  650-919-4275 / Dave Ruder 858-692-4867

14U Gold – Jerry Delamater 951-764-8495

14U 2025 - Eddie Debus 619-933-5069

12U Gold - Mike Roberts 858-922-2550


Factory Club Teams

Factory 18U Gold – Now-Allah James, Tanya Slimp 360-620-5281, Ron Hatlen

Factory 18U Torgeson - Brent Torgeson 619-884-6195

Factory 16U Gold - Ron Cole 858-335-6574

Factory 14U Gold Vargas - Jeremy Vargas 760-270-0070

Factory 12U Gold - Rob Hirt 858-649-9957


Factory Harmon Teams

14U Harmon - Rey Harmon 858-382-5368

12U Harmon

We are looking to add more teams in the 14U and 12U age groups. Please email if you are interested.

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